1. Workflow experience #1 - What I know about Detroit

    Collaboration Project
  2. Workflow experience #2 - What I know about Chicago

  3. Workflow experience #3 - My Favorite Animal

  4. Create your own Google Presentation - where each person has a single slide to post information. Be certain to consider all the information or placeholders you want on your "template" slide before duplicating (CTRL + D). Also consider how you'll assign students to a slide (by name, numbers, first come, first served...)

Workflow Strategies

  1. Assignment "dropbox" - a Google Form where students can paste the link to their assignment. This link can be posted to a classroom site or students can make it a shortcuts so they can quickly access it when needed. Teachers love it because it organizes all the assignments into a spreadsheet. This form can be set to automatically collect student names and email addresses (I didn't do it for this example because you are from outside my domain.)

  2. Have students share their "Assignment Folder" with you. Have them include their name on the folder. Assignments they put into this folder are automatically shared with you. Most teachers will put these shared student folders into a "Student Assignments" folder on their My Drive. There are tools and scripts to automatically create these folders and rights to these folders. Scripts such as gClass and Doctopus make the entire process much easier.

  3. Consider how you plan to share your files with students.
    • Create a folder, maybe with a title, "Assignment Templates" and give view only rights to this folder.
    • It makes it easier for sharing if you first create an email group with all your student (easy to create in batch by importing their names & emails from a Google Form or from your student information system.) If you teach multiple sections or courses, it is recommended you create a group for each. When you want to share something, simply enter the group name.
    • When you share a file, if students copy the file, they'll need to rename it and share it with you. The sharing can be accomplished easily by simply dragging it into the a folder they have already shared with you.
    • You may want to upload files you use frequently into Google Templates.

  4. Use a program such as Hapara Teacher Dashboard.

  5. Google Classroom makes the entire process of sharing files so much easier. Note: Google Classroom is not a learning management system (LMS.) It should not be considered a replacement for Moodle, or some other LMS. It is a workflow tool for managing Google Drive assignments. It works well with most LMSs.


  1. Naming conventions - it makes it easier for students if all the teachers in a school agree to a naming convention for assignments. Such as "Assignment Name - Student Name" or similar. You may want to include the class period and/or teacher name in the assignment naming standard. Alice Keeler wrote a blog post where she recommended that all assignments are given an assignment number.

  2. You can force users to make a copy of a file with this simple tip - copy the document URL that has the word "edit" at the end and replace "edit" with "copy". Now when you share this link, a user will be forced to copy the document before they can open it. Step-by-step directions are here.