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Doctopus Tips

My suggestions for working with Google documents and Doctopus.

  1. Create an overall folder in Google Docs for your Doctopus files
  2. Create a sub folder for specific Doctopus files (EX. 1st Hour Assignments)
  3. Create your Google doc that you wish to distribute using Doctopus
  4. Have all of this prepared before you install the Doctopus script

Install Doctopus

To install the Doctopus script:
  1. Open a Google spreadsheet
  2. Populate the spreadsheet with your student names in one column
  3. Populate the spreadsheet with your student email addresses in another column
  4. Enter a column heading “Exclude” in a third column. This allows you to exclude a student from participation in an assignment.
  5. Go the Tools Menu
  6. Choose Script Gallery
  7. Enter Doctopus in the search field
  8. Click on Install for the appropriate Doctopus script
  9. Proceed through the authorization steps
  10. From the Doctopus menu, choose Launch installation to proceed with the script

Doctopus Menu

Step 1: Set up sharing basics

Desired Sharing Arrangements (see image below)
Desired Doc Sharing Arrangement
  • Project Groups
    • Creates one shared copy of a Doc for each project group as designated on your roster.
  • Individual ~ All the same
    • Creates the same separate, individual Doc for each student in your class.
  • Individual ~ Differentiated
    • Creates one copy of a Doc for each student based on their level, as designated in a column on your roster.

Whole Class Access Level
  • No access
  • Allow view only
  • Allow comment only

Individual Student Access Level
  • Allow edit
  • Allow view only
  • Allow comment only

Roster Settings
Sheet that contains your roster
  • Choose the appropriate sheet from the list

Column containing student email addresses
  • Choose the appropriate column from the list

Column containing “excused” designation
  • Choose the appropriate column from the list

My students have individual folders I'd like to add this assignment to
  • If this is the situation, you will have created these folders prior to starting this process

external image 9n8eSM_1RX52_dYw0yx5179JNmOlfUIaLYoC3dNy_cRM02KnhJ-0zqx9gxbMFfwyI6ssQSuBRODVY2KMnLAUA9TvBRReeNXSYjTbS3zmdIYg5MciVvJoU0Rcrg

Step 2: Choose what to copy and distribute

Select the folder that contains your Document template(s)
  • Choose the appropriate folder from the drop down list

Select the item you want to copy and share
  • Choose the appropriate document from the drop down list

external image tvO8GDX1pLEFHS-WBUc1I615KRkPeyMflOdZz-mzbJVv7sAdqolvMVq7MxjybeKNcCjKjSsqmVhUU-IU5HYTAGqaFBdkkxZ-ObcL1_u8eFOYUSh5jFNscfyaLg

Step 3: Choose destination folder, set up file naming and notifications

Select a destination folder for the copied files.
  • Choose the appropriate folder for the files to be saved, or
  • Create a new folder at this time.

How do you want the file(s) named.
  • Use the variables to personalize the messages

external image y_62rRalg-UluSNoymh8Mq-Uu1xW41X2YLKs0b0A-SHm3vpVtyXobwGZ8dpJgFiBiQ873cTkLL8VVu21ZAcaMJ72FnOdoBRicWQxyvNhiM7thhNc2kBhDLy0Tw

Step 4: Copy and Share Docs

  • View the settings you have entered for accuracy

external image 3eTfHRRB8SFKpFioxiAdiqJPz7qbAeBprNDyCNk2yB3EY5TStIasvkQ_NqqHOd-kyunogfNY64catHSo8XxAdg8h0epAENbze7jKT-FOIQKJqiUEW1G8ulNb4A

The Doctopus Menu

external image SEt5J9nSeuuO0iPGCfTW9H0fsHw6xWGI-1vkeiKeoJzKhXTSwEDJiUBTpiXF4W-65SczmxJ5ArySHX-iZoo6g70MfbR7drnLwyBZCSavU0aXPCTZbACy6stgLg