Google Hangouts

  • Connecting with other Classrooms
    • Personal contact
    • Skype, ePals, Google Plus community
  • Starting a Google Hangout
    • Calendar
    • Message
    • Google Plus
    • Extension
  • Hangout Tools
    • Adding tools
  • Hangout On Air
    • Starting a Hangout on air
    • Hangout On Air Tools
    • Best Practices

Intro Video

The Good Stuff

Google Hangouts Presentation by Allison L. Mollica

Connect with others

  • Skype in Education
  • ePals Find a Classroom to Connect - note - start simple, before trying to go around the world (think about time differences)
    • You can search for other classrooms to connect without the free ePals account. However, similar to some online services, to communicate with the teacher, you must create an account (and then you send an email via ePals.)
  • Ask a Ranger program - free National Park Ranger program is park specific. Many list Video Conference and Skype as the accepted methods to connect, however, I would image that with the growth of Google Hangouts, this would also be an option. Check with the park.
  • Google Hangouts in Education - Google + Community (must apply to be a member)
  • Mystery Hangouts Google + Community - 20 question school to school; students guess where you are located

Hangouts for Education Google + Community.png

Mobile Devices

Hangouts On Air - 37:29 Tutorial - Ronnie Bincer (excellent)