Educational Apps

Online and Offline Apps

When you search for apps in the Chrome Store, you'll find that many of the apps are really just pointers to websites. However, apps which work offline are actual apps which install onto the Chromebook. There are two ways to know if an app works offline. 1) Look for the lightning bolt in the name. This means it works offline. 2) Explore the category of apps for Offline use. Look under Category and "No wifi, no problem" or click the features for "Runs Offline". There are definitely some apps you'll want to install, including gmail offline and more.


Kahoot – Kahoot is a formative assessment tool which works with mobile devices including iPads and Chromebooks. The teacher creates an account at: Teachers can use a quiz shared in the 1500+ public kahoots or create their own. The Kahoot quiz is typically shown from the teacher’s computer Student access the quiz by going to and entering the game-pin provided by the teacher. They then enter a nickname or group name and the teacher starts the quiz.



Padlet – allows a teacher to create a wall where students can enter images and text. Use this wall I created. The assignment is to:
Find an image which represent freedom. Add a sentence or two about why this image represents freedom to you. Use this padlet site:

Michigan Electronic Library - MeL

Open MeL – and click Kids ➔ Homework Helpers and select Kids InfoBits ➔ Select a topic of interest. Continue to explore with these examples. Tip - bookmark the site to make it easier to find.
MeL for younger students
  1. eBook K - 8 Collection ➔ Children’s & Young Adult Nonfiction
    If you find a book in .pdf, try to save it to the Chromebook
  2. Culture Grams ➔ States or Kids Edition
  3. Book Kids ➔ Compare Places (or Animals and compare animals)

MeL for older students
  1. Teens ➔ Life Happens ➔ Opposing Viewpoints or Culture Grams
  2. Teens ➔ Homework Help ➔ eLibrary
  3. Teens ➔ Reading Zoon ➔ NoveList K-8