Projecting from a Chromebook

- If you have a HD compatible LCD Display or projector, you can connect directly with just the HDMI cable and Mirror.

- You will find the mirror settings by clicking the bottom right info box (where the time is) and go to settings. The settings tab will open in Chrome. In the Device Section, click Display. If the device is recognizing the input, you can click the "Start Mirroring" button and you should be set. You can also do extended display instead of mirror.

Screenshot 2013-11-03 at 3.31.01 PM.png

Screenshot 2013-11-03 at 3.30.25 PM.png

You can use the following Key Commands for Mirroring:
CTRL + Multiple display (top row, 6th key with three squares on it.

buttons for mirror

Connect a Chromebook to a Projector - from Acer

How do I change the screen display settings on my Acer Chromebook?You can project your Chromebook's screen on an external monitor or via a projector, connect the device to your Chromebook. Once connected, the device will be automatically detected and your screen will be projected, using the best possible resolution.If you've connected an external monitor, the screen will only appear on the external monitor. If you've connected a projector, the screen will be displayed on both your Chromebook and via the projector.Note: If your Chromebook isn't projecting, you can try pressing Ctrl and to manually reconfigure the monitor. If no external device is detected, the screen won't project.

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For more information about your screen display settings, visit Google's Screen display settingspage.For more information, visit the Chrome OS Help Center Credit:

HDMI to VGA Adapters and Chromecast

  1. Connecting a Chromebook to a projector
    • Wired connection - ideal is HDMI to HDMI; if you use an HDMI to VGA adapter, be sure to get an adapter which has audio out. These don't always work because an older projector may not support the higher resolution from your Chromebook. It's always better to go HDMI to HDMI (and HDMI carries audio too - which can be good or now the Chromebook's audio is going to the projector.)
    • Powered HDMI to VGA Converters - Find it on Amazon here - May be worth a look if the unpowered model does not work. Don't forget the HDMI cable such as this.
  2. Wireless connection - Chromecast
    • Strengths - install the Google Cast extension and project a Chrome tab up to the screen, costs less than $35
    • Weakness - requires a device with an HDMI connection or use of an adapter (some old projectors don't support HDMI), difficult to work with an authenticated network, currently not password protected - so their may be issues with students projecting from Chromebook (or other devices) without permission