Chromebook Headset from Avid

Avid AE-36 headset on the REMC SAVE Project for $7.50
Also works with the iPad

avid headset.PNG

Michigan born Chromebook Cart

Jenison Public Schools worked with a Holland/Zeeland manufacturer to custom build a mobile cart for the Samsung 303 Chromebook. Below are some pictures displaying the cart.



Our manufacturer is Fleetwood Group.
Regional Manager Tom Hendrikse
Main Phone: 616-396-1142
P.O. Box 1259
11832 James Street
Holland MI 49424

Pennfield Schools

1:1 program but they do not go home. Students pick up their laptop in the morning in their 7th hour classroom. Grab their bag from their desk and use it all day.

7th hour - return the devices to the cart. Spectrum Furniture Chromebook Cloud Cart

The bag we use is the Higher Ground 11 inch shuttle bag.

Here is Chromebook shell that I have used.


bag 2.jpg bag.jpg

Cloud 32 Chromebook Cart1.jpg