Chromebook and Chrome shortcuts everyone should know about...

Chrome Browser Tips - Note: some may not be available because of admin settings for the Chromebook or Chrome browser.
  1. Omnibar tips
    • Enter math calculations, enter conversions, define, timer, no need to enter http://
    • When search Google and finding links - hold CTRL to open link in new tab
    • Search for images and use search options to find images with rights to use
  2. Tab Tips
    • Drag off a tab to create a new window - helpful when you'll be opening a lot of other tabs from that window
    • Rearrange Tabs
    • Pin a tab
    • Reopen closed tabs
    • CTRL + Tab to cycle through open tabs
    • CTRL + 1, 2, 3, go to specific tab
    • Bookmark all Tabs
  3. Bookmarks bar - turn on in Settings
    • Drag websites to bookmarks bar
    • Shorten or delete names
  4. On Startup - include all tabs you usually have open
  5. History & Incognito mode

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