Google Admin Console

When you get a Google Apps for Education in your district. You are able to use your own domain name instead of Google. For example: can be

Along with that, Google gives you access to the Admin Console where you can control just about anything that happens in your account. Below is a screenshot of the New Google Dashboard. If you currently have the old dashboard, it will be changing for you soon.

Admin Console 1.png


- This is where you can upload and manage users. You are able to create accounts one at a time or you are able to upload multiple accounts at once.

- Once the users are in the system, you are able to group them into subdomains. For example, you may have staff, Middle School, High School etc.

- You are able to set and reset passwords and control what tools and apps the person has the ability to use. You may allow High School and Staff to have access to Google Hangouts, but not anyone younger.

Chrome Management

- This is where you can control Chrome itself for anyone that is logged onto your Google Apps Domain.
- You can control:
  • User Settings
    • Which pages open automatically
    • What apps/extensions are blocked
    • What apps/extensions are pinned
    • What apps/extensions are already installed
    • Much more
  • Device Settings
    • Allowing guest mode
    • Auto updates
    • Time Zone
    • Erase Data at each end
  • Network
    • Which network to connect
    • Proxies

Device Management

You can enroll your devices using the Chrome Management Piece. (this is usually an extra $30 per machine, one time). It allows you to keep track of your devices.

To get your devices, you enroll the devices into your domain. You can see the directions here.


It is very simple to wipe the devices and they are back to the way they were out of the box. Here is a link that shows you how to do a developers wipe.